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Have You Identified Your Tools?

Have You Identified Your Tools? Are They Doing Their Job and at What Cost?

December 6, 2021

As we discussed in a recent blog, understanding current maintenance practices is a fundamental step in developing a successful CMMS implementation plan. One extremely important aspect of this effort is an inventory of software tools, which are a core component of data collection.

Once you have identified the tools with which software data is being collected, you can standardize data entry and collection into a centralized platform for reporting and sharing. This data can then be used to more proactively plan future projects and initiatives that can result in huge savings.

Another compelling reason for this exercise is to determine your current costs for software licensing, support and upgrades. You may find that this cost alone outweighs the investment required to procure and implement a new software package. Alternately, you may discover that you already have a software package you believe is doing a good job. This can be a misconception since inadequate data collection doesn’t leave any traces!

When we help our clients perform these evaluations, they frequently discover that none of the data collection and processing tools they are currently using are suitable for their needs, which necessitates further exploration. For this reason and many others, one of the most important and fastest improvements that will promote success of your implementation is to gain consensus regarding which tools are working and which are not.

Identifying (and Inventorying) Data Software Tools
Despite the apparent logic of unifying all locations under a centralized platform such as a CMMS, it’s not unusual for leadership to discover a wide array of tools in use at various locations. This is almost never by design. Humans are fond of working with the software tools that make them comfortable. Some may even have brought familiar tools in-house from the outside, whether acquired at a former workplace or based on a colleague’s recommendation.

No matter how software tools became part of your tool “arsenal,” a motley assortment leads to problems. Performing an inventory of all maintenance data software tools puts you in a position to retain tools, if any, that are performing valuable work and jettison the others for a better option. At the same time, you can ensure information is being collected on all maintenance data activities.

Once you have completed these steps, identify if any “final candidate” software tools are in use at multiple locations. Only those already in common usage should evaluated for retention. Once all existing tools have been identified and fully vetted, you will be in a much better position to select the tool (or tools) that will best suit your needs.

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