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Max 5 Users
$59Per User/Month
  • Work Order Management

  • Asset Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Azzier Design Tools

  • OpsApp - Mobile Connect

  • Live Chat Support

Max 25 Users
By QuotationPer User/Month
  • All FOUNDATION Features +

  • Reliability Center

  • Dashboard Analytics

  • Advanced Procurement

  • Email Notification

  • Azzier Support Center

  • Sandbox Site 

  • Customer Management

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  • All ADVANCED Features +

  • Integration API Tools

  • Microsoft Power BI Connect

  • Scheduling Resources

  • Project Management

  • Document Management

  • Query/View Design Tool

  • Print Form Designer

  • Timecard Management

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Get the OpsApp for FREE!

This phone app connects the maintenance department with the operations of your organization. Tap into smart phone technology and make use of pictures and vides to save time gathering information. Automatically make information available on works orders to create efficiencies like never before.

Max 5 Users
Max 25 Users
Work Order Management
Work Requests, Work Orders, Dispatching, Procedures, Preventive Maintenance, Drawings and Links, Parts Lists
Asset Management
Equipment, Locations, Hierarchies, Equipment History, Meters, Measurements
Inventory Management
Spare Parts Control, Storeroom Management, Reserve Items, Physical Counts, Vendor Management
Reporting and Analytics
Azzier Report Writer, create graphs, intelligent charts, pinpoint problem areas and identify fixes
Azzier Design Tools
Add/Edit/Delete Fields and Tables with Screen Designer, Personal User Settings, Auto-populate Data, Configure Menus, User Themes
Ops Phone App
This Phone App for iOS and Android, connects everyone to maintenance with messaging, pictures and video sharing. Create Work Requests from message content and get the “intel” you need.
Reliability Center
Predictive Maintenance, Condition Monitoring, Route Management, Customer Management
Dashboard Analytics
Design and create unlimited KPI dashboards
Advanced Procurement
Requisitioning, Purchasing, Invoice Matching, Auto-Parts Reordering, Receiving
Email Notification
Create workflow reminders and automated alerts.
Customer Management
Manage your Enterprise with a Customer centric approach to Maintenance.
Integration API Tools
This is a “no Code” web-based integration tool that seamlessly exposes the entire application database. Automated Interfaces, Load Spreadsheets, Connect External Systems like ERPs
Microsoft Power BI Connect
Connect your Azzier site to Microsoft Power BI and unleash the power of reporting and analytics. Get pre-built data sets and springboard straight to great looking charts and graphs. Pinpoint peak and valleys in the data that identify troubled areas.
Scheduling Resources
Azzier’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling provides maintenance planners with 24/7 visibility into staff availability and workload.
Project Management
Projects can be set up with multiple phases, tracking estimated versus actual performance through each project phase to ensure budget adherence.
Document Management
Bring all your documents, links, video, pictures and other media into one place. Push out updates to draws and more.
Query/View Design Tool
Create intrinsic database views that define best maintenance practices and explore historical data to trend improvements.
Print Form Designer
Design and build perfect custom forms like Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Receipts. Add multiple reports to one form to all the information in one place.
Timecard Management
Enter actual work time manually or with the automated timer. Get better metrics by capturing all the costs associated with time.
Live-Chat Support
Get instant help from industries best technicians!
Azzier Support Center
Access the Azzier Support and Service team by phone, email or Live-Chat. Share screens for trouble shooting
Sandbox Site
Use this second site to test out scenarios before implementing them in your production site. It can also be used for training and testing.
Record Limits
Max 10 Locations, Max 100 Assets, Max 500 Inventory Items
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