Maintaining The Future

Extending asset life, reducing plant floor disruptions, and maintaining ecological integrity and sustainability are key benefits of an advanced CMMS system when it comes to maintaining the future of your plant or facility.

Today’s more progressive CIO’s are analyzing every department of their corporation including the plant floor and working closely with manufacturing operations to gain real-time insight into managing not just the asset, but the lifecycle of every asset. By proactively managing an asset throughout its life, companies yield better performance using less overhead than ad hoc reactive management and spawn bottom-line benefits across the enterprise. Now you have the attention of your CFO as well! 

An effective CMMS manages and optimizes the use of all assets to achieve greater asset availability, reliability, and performance. The ability to gather and analyze data about asset operations allows an organization to move from corrective (repairs made after a problem occurs) to preventive (maintenance dictated by a schedule based on past experience) to predictive maintenance (performed because data for a particular asset indicates that a failure is imminent).

Put a circle around it all and you are driving better business decisions by tracking key performance indicators, optimizing workflow across operations, and implementing new best practices that mandate audit trails and COVID protocols. 

Significant shifts in computing bring enormous opportunity and benefits to those who anticipate and act. It also brings enormous risk to those who wait. So, where are you on the CMMS maturity curve? Managing? Optimizing? Or not waiting and truly leveraging all aspects of your CMMS to maintain the future health of your plant or facility?

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