System Improvement & Support

Ongoing CMMS Support and Enhancements Make the Difference

As with any CMMS, modifications must keep evolving if they are to be as effective as possible. We work proactively with our clients over the long term to apply ongoing improvements.
Ongoing improvements to your CMMS

The Project Implementation Plan

The Project Implementation Plan outlines the initial project, but as new features are added and teams begin to work with the software, many clients like to make changes or additions. For our initial engagement, we follow a traditional, phased approach. However, experience has shown us that projects generally encompass many smaller phases over a longer time period.

We work with our clients over the long term to deliver ongoing improvements:

  • Enhancements such as new features, modules and tools that confer a competitive edge in the industry
  • Software fixes and solutions
  • Streamlined process flow that improves efficiency and lowers operational costs
  • User interface updates

Azzier enables its clients to manage all assets within the organization, providing the ability to streamline or enhance other corporate applications. Additional interfaces, advanced reporting, and additional module implementation can be explored at any time.

Annual CMMS Software Maintenance and Support Agreement

This invaluable service ensures that Azzier stays current with the latest technologies and provides several support avenues for technical issues that may arise.

The architecture of the Azzier CMMS system allows Tero technicians to distribute upgrades and support the client quickly and easily.

Included in the Annual Software Maintenance and Support Agreement are services for:

  • Telephone technical assistance (toll-free number)
  • Azzier version upgrades (at no cost)
  • Database support

Project Completion

Although every Azzier engagement is unique, we generally plan to complete major elements of the implementation within 90 days.

  • Create the Implementation Plan
  • Perform the initial data transfer (if applicable)
  • Screen design (if applicable)
  • Install Azzier on Tero’s servers and train the client staff

The 90-day period will ensure staff is properly trained and able to fully use the system to create work orders, enter key assets and create basic reports.

Azzier’s system improvement and support services not only improve productivity;

they also increase business agility and can even help boost revenue streams.

To learn more about what our services can do for your firm,
we invite you to call us at 1-866-818-8376, ext. 407 for a brief consultation.

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