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Need a Custom User Experience (UX) in Your CMMS? That’s Our Specialty.

Many firms have unique business requirements and struggle to gain the desired insight from standard technology platforms. Is your firm seeking to overcome these deficiencies? Would you benefit from a tailored solution to structure data for the way you conduct business, with specialized reports and results?
Custom User Experience (UX)
Azzier System Tools

Unlike other CMMS solutions, Azzier is designed for easy client configuration.

Our technical experts developed the Interface module, the Print Form Designer and the Screen Design module specifically to help companies extract the insight they need.

Interface Module

The Interface module enables full data exchange to and from all tables within the Azzier CMMS database. Organizations can create, maintain and manage other Azzier interfaces for a variety of activities. The Interface API Module links you, real time, to your DDC control systems for real time monitoring resulting in immediate action and user alerts in Azzier. You can build the connections that automate your Preventive and Predictive Maintenance programs in Azzier with a simple to use, user interface. No coding, no development, just results.

This functionality provides convenience and savings, eliminating the need for a developer to effect basic interface updates and changes. Azzier’s service-oriented architecture facilitates two-way integration with most modern software packages, such as finance software from SAP and JDE,  plus data collection from asset monitoring sensors, advanced analytics packages like Power BI, health and safety packages, and more.

Azzier Interface Module Cloud Connections
Print Form Designer

Print Form Designer

Azzier’s Print Form Designer enriches form capabilities with a clean, easy-to-use, web-based interface that facilitates the design effort. From work orders to purchase orders and beyond, team members can design their own forms from scratch or by using one of the many provided templates. And get this, these forms can contain as many reports as you wish.

Screen Design Module

This module enables modification of existing Azzier screens without outside assistance. Firms can develop unique screens for specific needs and system users, such as one tailored to maintenance scheduling or inventory control, delivering a personalized experience across all networks and devices. Screens can be tailored to exacting specifications for groups and users on different devices.

Screen Design Module
Azzier Workflow

Creating a custom, two-way integration with detailed workflows.

The diagram below illustrates a custom integration between the Azzier CMMS system and a client’s accounting and finance platform. The integration enabled maintenance personnel to create purchase orders (POs) and manage receipts in Azzier rather than in the firm’s accounting and finance platform.

While many companies offer CMMS software,

none have our commitment to client empowerment and satisfaction.

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