Reporting & Analytics

Looking for Metrics to Drive Expenses Down and Profit Up? The Answer Is in Your Data.

Azzier reporting and analytics tools can effectively generate reports, identify and resolve problems and engineer improvements.

Microsoft Power BI Analytics

Azzier CMMS offers integration with Microsoft Power BI, allowing users to connect their Azzier site to Power BI and access powerful reporting and analytics capabilities. With this integration, users can leverage pre-built data sets and easily create visually appealing charts and graphs. Power BI enables users to identify trends and patterns in their data, helping them pinpoint peak and valleys that may indicate troubled areas.

Azzier Query Designer

The Azzier Query Building Module allows IT staff to create an unlimited number of database views, which can then be used for reporting with Azzier’s standard reporting tools. It allows users and administrators to custom-develop complex SQL query, potentially including joins, sub queries, unions and more.

Azzier Report Builder with Templates

The Azzier Report Builder allows authorized users to design and manage complex reports directly through a web browser of their choice. Azzier Stock Reports range from daily activity reporting to detailed forecasting and asset efficiency trend reports

You’ll Be Amazed at the Information We Can Extract from Your Data. Ready to Begin?

The Query Builder and Report Designer deliver the most value to promote asset reliability and impovement.

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