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Operational Excellence

February 14, 2024

I was revisiting some notes from earlier this year and found myself contemplating some concepts that our President and CEO, Mark Sherling impressed upon us. “Operational excellence, operational excellence,” it’s the key differentiator between us and the competition.”

If you’ve been working on the plant floor for a while, how many times have you had a visit from upper management and heard this? And then the follow up – “by the way, it starts right here with you, at the plant floor level.” You may have heard this countless times, and it does start at the plant floor level. But more importantly, it is a concept that touches every part of the business from mid-management to the boardroom.

At every level, whether you’re the maintenance supervisor, quality engineer, MRO manager, supply chain manager, or part of the materials and manufacturing department, you are empowered to initiate change and drive toward efficiency, which will ultimately affect the company’s bottom line. Together, you must deliver the flow of value to your customers. It sounds simple enough, but the reality is, most asset intensive producers and manufacturers in virtually all industries are realizing they can’t get there without the power of a CMMS behind them. This goes beyond work order tracking and labor reporting. It must encompass plant floor mobility, planning tools, and the system’s ability to boost reliability as well as compliance.

The definition of Operational Excellence goes something like this; “ a management philosophy or approach that focuses on continuously improving processes, systems, and practices within an organization to achieve superior performance, efficiency, and effectiveness”.

Operational Excellence involves optimizing every aspect of an organization’s operations to deliver products or services of the highest quality while minimizing waste, costs, and errors. However, the reality is that operational excellence is not a one-time achievement but a journey and mindset, that requires ongoing dedication, discipline, and collaboration across the organization. Forever.

That’s where Azzier CMMS comes in. Maintenance teams at California National Guard, Washington State Military, Washington State Patrol, California State University Channel Island, Kingston Midstream, Drax Canada, to name but a handful… are all pursuing operational excellence through Maximizing Asset Utilization, Reducing Downtime and Costs, Enhancing Equipment Reliability and Performance, Ensuring Safety and Compliance, Optimizing Maintenance Strategies, and Facilitating Continuous Improvement across all teams.

We take your business seriously. For well over four decades, we have been driving toward Operational Excellence. Our work is never done. We can help your organization get closer to excellence.

Visit our website and register for a FREE TRIAL. Try out Azzier 8.0; if it works for your company, convert your trial to a production site directly and easily through our website.

Take Azzier® for a test drive at

Call 1-866-818-8376 ext. 407 for a personalized consultation of your maintenance needs or email us at . With 45 years of maintenance experience, we can help you reduce risk and improve your bottom line.


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