Project Implementation Plan

The Devil Can be in Implementation; Azzier Holds the Highest CMMS Success Rate in the Industry

A CMMS solution is only cost-effective if it’s implementation is successfully executed, and there are many areas that can go wrong. Poor project management and bad decision-making can eat more than 12% of your CMMS budget. On a $40,000 CMMS system, that’s $5k.
Reviewing project implementation plan with client

Planning and implementation assistance from Tero experts keeps projects on track and money in your pocket.

Over nearly five decades of installing, implementing and maintaining our CMMS for clients, we have validated a detailed, comprehensive Project Implementation Plan, and hold the highest rate of implementation success in the industry. This is why 10,000-plus workers are using our platform, and our clients have stayed with us for decades.

The process begins with a high-level review and knowledge exchange process for key client personnel, conducted on-site or remotely. This helps develop their vision of today, tomorrow and the years to come, and ensures firm leaders understand Azzier’s abilities and resource requirements.

The output is a formal report, to be approved by the client, that serves as an ongoing reference to ensure project success. Our experienced technical personnel perform a thorough investigation of current operating conditions and technology in use, conduct personnel interviews and engage in discovery of client goals and objectives, meeting with as many personnel as possible.

These efforts result in recommendations, formally delivered in the Project Implementation Plan. This report ensures a mutual and clear understanding of the project scope including all roles and responsibilities.

Items generally covered in the Project Implementation Plan include but are not limited to:

Given that profitability can hinge on watching every penny for non-income-producing activities, 12% adds up quickly. For a $40,000 on-premise CMMS, that’s nearly $5,000, excluding the cost of equipment, maintenance and other expenses.

With Azzier, that money is back in your pocket.

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