Installation and Training

Professional Installation and Training Streamlines CMMS Operation

Despite the power and ease of operation offered by Azzier, its feature set is so extensive that installation is faster and more complete if it is handled by our experts. Further, like any powerful technology platform, it cannot be mastered quickly without proper training.
Installation and Training

To help facilitate rapid uptake, Tero offers CMMS system installation and training. We are dedicated to achieving a successful implementation as quickly as possible, and these services demonstrably help to ensure that goal.


Before installing Azzier at the customer site, we install and test it on Tero servers. We leverage both Test and Production sites, with the former used for training purposes. (The Production site houses only actual data and is put to real-time use.) Working with the Test site, users gain knowledge and understanding of how to use Azzier proficiently when executing CMMS functions.


Our philosophy is that education and product understanding are vital for the long-term success of each project. With the client’s resources and needs in mind, the Tero team develops a detailed training schedule from which both end users and administrators will graduate prepared for basic use and internal administration support, respectively.

Individual training courses range from two to five days and are conducted either on-site, at Tero’s offices or remotely. Courses are tailored to each client’s operations and objectives and may vary in length and content.

Standard Azzier Training

These training courses are outlined in the Project Implementation Plan. The level of training is determined by the firm’s Azzier structure and trainee competency.

Standard Azzier courses include but are not limited to:

  • Introduction to Azzier and basic features
  • Module overviews
  • Extended module functionality
  • Advanced Azzier features as applicable
  • Basic reporting
  • Advanced reporting/report creation
  • Basic and advanced administration
  • Security and integration tools
  • Screen development

All users and administrators take the Introduction to the Azzier and basic features courses as well as the module overviews. However, not all courses are required to operate Azzier.

After this phase of training is complete, subsequent training will be assigned based on user roles and responsibilities.

Administrator Training

Administrators attend three types of training: preliminary administrative training, standard Azzier training with all other users, and post-administrative training.

Training courses for end-users, administrators and/or support personnel will run in conjunction with other phases to ensure a complete, thorough understanding of the Azzier system before the “go live” date.

Whether you are new to Azzier CMMS software or a long-time customer,

we invite you to call us at 1-866-818-8376, ext. 404 for a brief chat regarding our services.

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