Why Saas?

Save Time and Reduce Complexity with Azzier SaaS

Broad adoption of cloud computing has empowered firms large and small to reap big rewards from software as a service. Although saving money and time is most frequently cited, other benefits include scalability, access (log in from any device), and elimination of maintenance requirements.

If your business has never utilized a CMMS Software as a Service (SaaS) model, you may be unable to grasp the significant benefits it offers. Not only does Azzier relieve your firm of platform maintenance, management and upgrade hassles, it also enables you to rely upon a predictable monthly fee with no unpleasant surprises.

As an added benefit, your expenditure with Azzier will qualify as an operating expense, not a capital expense. The extra deduction you can take will be handy when tax time rolls around.

Following are just a few of the benefits of Azzier SaaS:

Maintenance Free

No Effort Required

With an on-premise CMMS system, your firm and staff are responsible for installing, configuring and updating the system. With Azzier, Tero’s experts install, configure and manage your deployment remotely, freeing you to do what you do best: focusing on your business.

Software Updated

Always Fully Up to Date

All bug fixes, security patches and other system updates are installed as soon as they become available. Your IT guy will never need to come in on a Sunday to manage a system upgrade. Tero staff handles that and your system is always ready to go. That means no Monday morning headaches for you or your staff.

Eliminate Add-On Maintenance

Eliminate Add-On Maintenance and Management Costs

With an on-premise platform, you will likely pay an extra charge to access code updates, technical support, and other outside external assistance. These fees typically range from 18-22% of the initial software/hardware costs. With Azzier, all of this is included in your fee.

Turn CapEx into OpEx

Turn CapEx into OpEx

When a business purchases an on-premise CMMS, it is a capital expenditure (Capex). Like any other asset on the balance sheet, it will need to be depreciated over its life. With Azzier, you can treat is like an operating expenditure, expensing charges as they are incurred.

Data Security

Data Security and Protection

We neither collect nor maintain any of your corporate or personal information. We even guarantee that in your contract.

A “perpetual license” is really a perpetual strangle-hold on your wallet.

Azzier’s SaaS model will help you break that hold.

For a more detailed discussion of how your organization can benefit from SaaS,
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