Application Design and Configuration

The Data Collected by Your CMMS Should Match What You Need to Know

Every company is unique, with workflows and priorities specific to the way they operate, so if your CMMS system is too complicated and doesn’t match your business, production slows and efficiencies diminish. Insight delivered by the CMMS must address the needs of your operation, whether it’s industrial facility maintenance or grounds maintenance.
CMMS data collection

We understand that you need customized, targeted insight, so we always work with our clients proactively to ensure the design and configuration of their Azzier deployment fits the company and its teams like their favorite work gloves.

As part of the implementation, Tero personnel directly assist in Azzier configuration. Services performed range from screen and report development to data transfer, specialized workflows, and more.

Following is a list of potential activities. However, application development is far more granular and comprehensive than this list indicates. This phase also includes items ranging from creating documentation to programming and alpha testing.

Design Email Notification

Configure email notification in Azzier to facilitate effective communication within your organization.

Implement Barcoding

Support use of bar codes within work orders and inventory to streamline workflows and eliminate human error.

KPI Definition

Build and organize Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for benchmarking, metrics extraction and more.

Performance Testing

Develop and run tests to determine how the system will perform, in terms of responsiveness and stability, under a customary workload.

Print Form

Deliver customer-specific enhancements of form printouts.

Quality Assurance Testing

Develop and run tests based on a stringent quality assurance process to ensure Azzier delivers at the highest possible level of functionality.

Report Development

Develop reports and test them to confirm they meet agreed-upon goals driven by customer requirements and specifications outlined in the Implementation Plan.

Screen Development

Develop and/or configure custom mobile device and/or computer screens for special functions (e.g. barcoding); are assigned specific statues (e.g. mandatory) and more.

Security Integration/Development

Work with the customer’s IT department to meet security requirements, from LDAP to Azure Active Directory and beyond.

Workflow Design

Design and organize the flow of work through the Azzier system so it will be efficient and trouble-free.

Our experts would be honored to share details of all the application design, development and configuration activities in which we engage to ensure Azzier CMMS software delivers performance beyond your expectations.

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