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Tundra Energy Marketing Ltd.

February 6, 2019

Tero Consulting Ltd., the developers of the advanced web-based CMMS: Azzier are pleased to announce the implementation of Azzier by Tundra Energy Marketing Ltd.

Tundra Energy Marketing Ltd. (TEML) has been operating as a midstream service provider since 2005.  It originally operated as a division of Tundra Oil & Gas Limited but was organized as a separate entity in 2011.  TEML’s head office is in Calgary, Alberta and it operates a network of pipelines, storage tanks and terminals with connectivity to their operations hub near Cromer, Manitoba.

TEML selected Azzier for their maintenance system to ensure the continued optimization of their existing assets as well as improved accountability and reliability. The Azzier CMMS will be at the core of their maintenance operations ensuring improved asset reliability and flexibility.

TEML’s sister company, Tundra Oil & Gas recently migrated their existing Web Work CMMS to the Azzier program. The switch from Web Work to Azzier was an easy decision based on many factors including price and the exceptional service provided by the staff at Tero.

TEML requires Azzier to provide extensive and granular information on their assets and locations in a more systematic fashion as well as provide detailed cost information on assets and operations. Terminals, Storage Facilities and Rail systems will utilize Azzier across the corporation.

TEML is a subsidiary of James Richardson & Sons, Limited (JRSL) which was established in 1857 and is a private family-owned and operated Canadian corporation. Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, JRSL is involved in the international grain trade and agri-food business, energy, real estate, financial services and investments.

About James Richardson & Sons, Limited

Trust and integrity are the business principles that our Firm was founded on and continue to be the values by which we operate today. Now well into its second century of doing business, James Richardson & Sons, Limited is as ambitious and passion-driven as when it was started as a one-man grain merchandising operation in Kingston, Ontario.

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