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Orchids Paper Products

February 6, 2019

Tero Consulting Ltd., the developers of the advanced web -based CMMS: Azzier are pleased to announce the selection of Azzier by Orchids Paper products of Pryor, Oklahoma

Orchids Paper Products a premium supplier of private-label, paper products selected Azzier to replace their current maintenance systems to ensure the continued optimization of their existing assets as well as improved manufacturing flexibility and reliability for years to come.

In a recent press release Mr. Jeff Schoen, President and Chief Executive Officer stated:
“We believe this line (a new converting line), along with continued optimization of our existing assets, will further improve our manufacturing flexibility, capacity and cost structure, providing Orchids with the opportunity to continue to competitively grow its sales in the center of the country.”


The Azzier CMMS will be at the core of their maintenance operations ensuring improved asset reliability and flexibility. When selecting their new CMMS, it was important to Orchids Paper Products to have a supplier that would not only provide them with a powerful, flexible and mobile system but that would partner with them to develop the system to meet the highest standards of manufacturing and quality control.


The design, development and implementation methodology, unique to Azzier, was a perfect fit for Orchids Paper Products. In addition to the highly configurable nature of Azzier, the complete mobility of the system allows customers to achieve maximum inefficiencies at the “shop floor” level and ensure the highest asset reliability obtainable.


Orchids Paper Products is a highly dynamic company with exacting quality control standards and was looking for a supplier that could work with their processes to implement a CMMS that would not only meet their needs for today but far into the future. They were looking for a solution that would be flexible and connect with other computer systems throughout their entire plant operations. The web-based services technology employed by Azzier was a good fit for this requirement.


The technical service division of Tero, will be converting existing asset data from various other systems including MP2 for importation into the Azzier system, maintaining the historical information already available on-site and the Azzier implementation team will be developing the system to “maximize wrench time” according to Mr. Ramon Salas, project engineer at Tero Consulting Ltd.


Orchids Paper is seeking to formalize their maintenance processes around the new Azzier CMMS in order to get more meaningful data to ensure equipment reliability. At this time, they are not following a formal process and need to standardize their processes as well as record data required for reports and key performance indicators.  The Azzier system will allow Orchids Paper to achieve their maintenance goals for years to come and ensure the continuation of a standard of excellence beyond their competition.


About Orchids Paper Products


Headquarters: Located in the MidAmerican Industrial Park, on a 35-acre industrial park in northeastern Oklahoma.

Manufactures: Bulk tissue paper converted to a full product line of consumer paper products.

Products: Private-label, value-tier, premium-tier and ultra-premium-tier paper towels, bathroom tissue, and paper napkins.

Customers: Primarily value retailers, generally known as “dollar” stores; grocery stores, grocery wholesalers and cooperatives.  To a lesser extent, janitorial and food service stores.

Service area: Orchids provides paper products to customers located throughout the United States.  Sales efforts are focused on areas within approximately 500 miles of manufacturing facilities in Pryor, Oklahoma and Mexicali, Mexico.

Facilities: Paper mill, producing up to 74,000 tons per year from recycled fiber and a converting facility with the capacity of up to 11,500,000 cases, or 70,000 tons, per year. Web:

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