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City of Medicine Hat – Municipal Power Generation Maintenance… Done Right!

June 29, 2023

Customer Profile – City of Medicine Hat

The City of Medicine Hat (CoMH) first partnered with Tero Consulting for their maintenance management software in 1989. They have been progressive in their adoption of new modules and workflows, as well as upgrading to the most current version of our CMMS. Recently, the City of Medicine Hat was one of our first customers to move onto Azzier 8.0, arguably the most advanced CMMS available today.

CoMH began generating electricity in 1910 and continues to deliver a reliable supply of power well into the current century. The city not only generates its own power, but it also owns the distribution system that transmits electricity to homes and businesses in Redcliff, Dunmore, Veinerville as well as outlying rural areas adjacent to the city.

CoMH uses Azzier to plan for maintenance outages. During an outage, electricity cannot be produced. The amount of time the generators are offline needs to be minimized without compromising the critical work being performed. With the use of our Projects Module, CoMH can plan out their upcoming outages and track where they are in the project phase. They will first generate work orders for planning and site inspection, then work orders to source materials, followed by work orders to send in labour to set up and take down scaffolding and prepare the generators for maintenance. Azzier Projects provides a Gantt chart which assists in visualizing the timeline for planned maintenance outages which elevates comprehension and streamlines planning meetings.

Often municipal utilities will struggle with inventory tracking and issuing materials to work orders. The problem presents when staff take parts from inventory for a job, but the quantity change in inventory is not recorded. This leads to a situation where approved Work Orders don’t have the parts required. At CoMH this situation is avoided by using the Inventory Module to reserve parts while in the storeroom to prevent users from taking parts which are reserved for planned work. Not only does this prevent incomplete work orders and delays to planned maintenance, but carrying costs are reduced by optimizing and controlling in-stock parts inventory.

By utilizing the “Follow-up Work Orders” grid in Azzier 8.0, CoMH can now easily track all the children created off a parent work order. The parent WO is accessible through the child WO as they are linked, giving the technicians context for their follow up work. Insight into which assets and locations are having similar or repetitive maintenance issues fuels Data Driven Decision Making. The process of analyzing whether to replace aging equipment or keep performing maintenance and repairs becomes much easier.

Most maintenance staff at CoMH have experience with both SAP and Maximo. They have used one or the other in previous roles with former employers. All CoMH staff agree that Azzier CMMS from Tero is more intuitive and flexible, giving them immediate solutions to workflow challenges that simply cannot be accommodated in other systems. Usually, the flexibility required is either already built in or easily configured with some minor tweaking.

Customer Quote:
“Thank you and your team for the support and dedication you all provided, ensuring the success of our Version 8 upgrade, at the City of Medicine Hat… Having been involved in many CMMS upgrades myself, this one went extremely smooth. One of the notable contributing factors was the response time from Ben and Jonathan… understanding, troubleshooting, and helping us through go-live. I recognize this is a team effort and want to say a special thanks to the folks on your team behind the scenes working with you.” – Greg Huber, City of Medicine Hat

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