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Canadian Petroleum Producer Achieves “Fit-for-Purpose” Solution with Tero Consulting’s Azzier CMMS

November 6, 2020

When a Canadian petroleum producer was constructing a new process facility, management’s desire to achieve maximum operating efficiency with their maintenance database led them to Tero Consulting’s Azzier CMMS. When they were later acquired by an international oil and gas exploration and production company, their new parent was so impressed with Azzier that they retained it at that facility and subsequently deployed it for asset maintenance management at numerous neighboring sites.

“Azzier benefits cited for the purchase were that it was “fit for purpose” and yet compact enough that the firm could customize it without the inherent complexity of customizing an enterprise ERP solution, like SAP.”

Training Was Key to Saving Time and Money

Petroleum PlantTero staff worked closely with the client to ensure the implementation was as complete and beneficial as possible.

  • They asked the client to develop lists of equipment and systems, which Tero uploaded and then returned to the client to validate. (This is a standard approach for Tero projects to ensure the greatest possible degree of accuracy. It can be repeated whenever there are changes or additions at a client plant.)
  • Concurrent with the implementation, Tero conducted initial training with users to make them comfortable with the system and help ensure all assets were properly cataloged for data accuracy.
  • To ensure maximum success, the Tero team also supported the petroleum producer with additional value to further extend the benefits of Azzier. For example, since few, if any, users would work with Azzier’s entire feature set on a regular basis, Tero supplemented the initial training with online conversations and training with Tero experts as well as access to a library of documents and files.
  • As the engagement proceeded, Tero provided “deep dive” assistance for their staff.

To maximize the value of the client’s purchase, in terms of both time and money, Tero experts were ever at the ready to help them delve even deeper into Azzier’s nearly limitless potential. One was further development of the scheduling functionality, which the petroleum producer’s team developed, in house, after Tero experts conducted two-day training/development sessions on the process.

“Now, the client’s confidence in Azzier and its training files has propelled the team to perform more in-house modifications, as well. Using the training files, System Administrators tweak the system configuration to explore customizations, then move to the Azzier Screen Designer so they can visualize how the interface would look.”

Flexible Consulting and Programming Assistance for Future Savings

Petroleum Case StudyEven with these client-side customization capabilities, the petroleum producer’s team didn’t have to rely upon them, solely — or at all, if preferred. In its contract, Tero included an agreed-upon number of hours’ consulting and programming assistance, per year. Beyond that, Tero offers all clients a flexible pricing and timeline structure for work beyond what is agreed upon initially. As this client learned, in many cases, the Tero team can make custom changes using capabilities and code already built into the system, resulting in further savings.

Today, the petroleum producer’s two in-house technical specialists are the sole administrators of Azzier, working with an operations staff of approximately 20 Azzier users. Each of the authorized users has the ability to upload their own work orders, and Tero’s Azzier team is always ready to assist when needed.

Since the first engagement, the existing facility has doubled in capacity and new ones have been constructed. In every instance, the petroleum producer has looked to Tero Azzier as its CMMS partner.

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