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Struggling to Reach Best Practices with Your CMMS? The Answer Is in Your Data

CMMS software often holds a treasure trove of insight, yet most firms can’t leverage it effectively. If you are not using it to generate reports, identify and resolve problems and engineer improvements, you are missing a huge opportunity.
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Gain Maximum Data Insight

Maximum Data Insight that You Can Access Effortlessly

To facilitate the awareness that enables companies to interpret their data and make productive use of it, Azzier’s MRO master data solutions were designed to help users structure their data for more effective interpretation. However, recognizing the importance of security and authorization clearance, Azzier also has safeguards to protect that data, whether stored in EAM software or a CMMS software platform.

Three modules have been built to achieve this goal: the Administration Module, the Report Builder and the Query Builder. The Administration Module acts as the “front end” for data structuring, with all security and programming configuration taking place within the Administration interface. The Query Builder and Report Builder are “question and answer” partners, managed by the Administration module, which deliver the meaningful insight organizations seek from their data.

Building Custom Reports and Queries: It’s as Simple as 1, 2, 3

Number 1


Establish individual user security and system access for more effective enterprise asset management with absolutely no complex scripts or database programming experience required. Set granular user permissions and privileges; assign security levels, and more.

Number 2

Query Builder

The Azzier Query Building Module allows IT staff to create an unlimited number of database views, which can then be used for reporting with Azzier’s standard reporting tools. It allows users and administrators to custom-develop complex SQL query, potentially including joins, sub queries, unions and more.

Number 3

Report Builder

The Azzier Report Builder allows authorized users to design and manage complex reports directly through a web browser of their choice. Reports range from daily activity reporting to detailed forecasting and asset efficiency trend reports.

You’ll Be Amazed at the Information We Can Extract from Your Data. Ready to Begin?

The Administration, Query Builder and Report Builder deliver the most value to promote asset reliability and inform preventive maintenance (aka preventative maintenance) when they are deployed together.

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