Streamline Projects Ahead of Time with Informed Planning


Advanced Planning & Scheduling Module

The Advanced Planning and Scheduling Module provides Azzier maintenance planners with 24/7 visibility into staff availability and workload. Planners can set scheduling parameters, such as public or employee holidays, create availability schedules for staff, and assign personnel to work orders based on skillset. Using a calendar-based approach, the module gives users one-click access to quickly review current and upcoming work order information in detail. The module also tracks estimated work order completion time and fills employees’ personal calendars with new assignments based upon their schedules.


Project Management (Projects) Module

With fewer than 60% of business leaders recognizing the full value of project management, automation of this critical oversight through software technology provides incredibly valuable decision support. With the Projects Module, facility operators gain the ability to validate their projects to stakeholders and stockholders, measuring progress against key milestones. This keeps your projects on time and on budget.

Users can create and manage capital projects, both large and small, while measuring milestones across the entire process. Projects can be set up with multiple phases, tracking estimated versus actual performance through each project phase to ensure budget adherence. Tracking of budgets (with unlimited account codes) supports cost reviews and report generation for real-time project visibility.