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Adding a Lookup to the Vendor Name Field

August 18, 2021

A client called Support and asked if there was a way to add a lookup to the Vendor Name field, in the Vendor module.

As you know, when creating Vendors, we usually say to “smart number” so when looking up, you see right away who it is, instead of a number.

It helps a lot in referencing a vendor on POs as well.

However, this client, auto-numbered their Vendor IDs.

Lookup Field Example - 1st Slide

Two things:

  • We either change the vendor ID in admin
  • We add the lookup in screen designer

Support added the lookup through screen designer. Because there is validation present now through the lookup table, type-forward search is also available as well:

Lookup Field Example - 2nd Slide

Lookup Field Example - 3rd Slide

All done in a matter of minutes…

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