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Tero’s First Web Work Customer Continues the Legacy with Azzier CMMS!

November 16, 2021

Washington State Military has decided to upgrade to Tero Consulting’s latest CMMS, Web Work Azzier. This makes them our longest continuous customer using the Web Work product line.

The Washington State Military originally adopted Tero as its CMMS provider in 1997. It has been a great relationship that has lasted over 24 years. We cannot adequately express our pride and appreciation in their continued support.

When consulted on why the Military decided to upgrade to Azzier, some of their considerations were:

  • The seamless upgrade path where no data was lost
  • The ability to internally configure screens to match their needs.
  • The ability to add or remove fields as they see fit, without additional cost.
  • Tailor-fit screens to match different groups instead of everyone having the same GUI.
  • Separate work requests from work orders. Especially the ability to put many requests on to 1 work order – this will be key to an improved service level.
  • Making fields mandatory upon change of status will streamline operations.

The Washington State Military Department’s mission is to provide trained professionals and operational forces who are ready to defend the state and nation, respond to emergencies and disasters and enhance resiliency in communities through structured alternative education opportunities for at-risk youth.

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