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Anderson Community Schools choose to maintain their future with Azzier CMMS

October 27, 2022


October 24, 2022

Anderson Community Schools has upgraded their computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) to Tero Consulting’s latest version of Azzier CMMS. As long-time legacy clients with years of confidence in Tero Customer Support and familiarity with Web Work processes, “moving to Azzier 8.0 was an easy decision.”

Located in Anderson Indiana, the mission at Anderson Community Schools is to inspire, encourage and support every student to achieve at high levels academically, socially, and as responsible citizens.

Anderson Community Schools originally selected Tero as its CMMS provider in 2008. It is a great relationship that continues for over 12 years. Tero cannot adequately express our pride and appreciation for their continued support.

Some of the new features that Anderson appreciated included:

  • Opening multiple modules in different tabs
  • Having a consistent place to show query results
  • More quadrants used for KPI charts
  • The ability to modify screen and print forms without Tero’s assistance
  • The ability to auto generate PMs.

Anderson wanted a way to deviate from the usual printing of work orders and simply handing them out. Now managers can assign work orders without having to print them, as users can use the Azzier Work Order App to retrieve their work orders, create, edit, and complete them. The Azzier Work Order App is a “powerful” tool that allows them to accomplish their goals.

Having a web-based system with a mobile application is the perfect combination for Jeff and his team.

Tero is proud to announce Anderson Community Schools renewed investment in “Maintaining the Future” with Azzier.

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