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Tero Migrates Textron Systems to Azzier

April 29, 2021

Tero Consulting Ltd., the developer of Azzier CMMS, has recently migrated Textron Systems from their legacy Web Work CMMS to our latest version, Azzier 7.2.

Textron Systems is a world leader in unmanned air, surface and land products as well as services and support for aerospace and defense customers. Its innovative businesses design, manufacture, field and support comprehensive solutions that expand customer capabilities and deliver value. Textron Systems businesses develop and integrate multi-domain products, services and support for customer missions including defense, homeland security, aerospace, and infrastructure protection.


Textron Systems has been a long standing partner of Tero since 2011 and recently chose to reinvest in their maintenance operation by adopting Azzier CMMS, the most advanced CMMS software available.

Azzier CMMS has strong references within various military and defense organizations and their equipment suppliers. Azzier has a reputation for being extremely flexible, allowing existing workflows to remain in place without disruption. The Azzier maintenance solution can be tailored to most environments, with a powerful, intuitive interface. Going forward, Textron Systems will benefit from further optimizing their maintenance workflows using an unrivaled software system.

Tero’s many clients, are staying current with each new Azzier version release in order to maintain optimal efficiency and a competitive edge in industries that are facing many challenges to profitability. Azzier CMMS reduces equipment failures and bolsters Textron System’s reputation for providing their customers with the support they need to accomplish their missions. Textron Systems follows a proven approach to total life cycle support, their team is able to provide their customers with the operational, logistical and maintenance support required to keep their fleets mission ready.

With uncertainty around global security, high tech solutions creators like Textron Systems, are essential in providing tools which are used to maintain peace across the globe. Tero extends our most sincere appreciation to Textron Systems. We are proud to be an integral part of their support infrastructure and extend our congratulations on a successful migration to Azzier CMMS.

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