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Tero Migrates Energized Completions Solutions Leader Ferus to Azzier 7.2

March 16, 2021

Tero Consulting Ltd., the developer of Azzier CMMS, recently migrated Ferus from its earlier Tero solution, a legacy version of Web Work CMMS, to our latest release, Azzier 7.2. Tero extends its most sincere appreciation to Ferus and offers its congratulations on a successful migration to Azzier.

As the leader in energized completions solutions offering technical, operational and logistical expertise to the petroleum industry, Ferus’ product offering includes liquid CO2, liquid N2, sand, and chemicals. Its expertise in logistical and on-site services ensures these products are delivered where needed, when needed, and are used efficiently for the best possible outcome.

Ferus has been a long-standing partner of Tero since 2006, and it recently reinvested in its maintenance operation with Azzier CMMS, the most advanced CMMS software available. Going forward, Ferus will benefit from further optimization of their maintenance workflows using an unrivaled software system.

Azzier CMMS has strong references within the oil and gas industry. It enjoys a reputation for being extremely flexible, allowing existing workflows to remain in place without disruption. Offering a powerful, intuitive interface, the Azzier maintenance solution can be tailored to most environments.

Like Ferus, Tero’s many Oil & Gas clients are staying current with each new Azzier release to maintain optimal efficiency and a competitive edge in an industry facing many profitability challenges.

  • Azzier helps them achieve many significant bottom-line impacts by boosting uptime and lowering repair expenses while increasing safety and compliance.
  • Azzier CMMS also reduces equipment failures and supports Ferus’ reputation for delivering its products and technical expertise, where needed, when needed and with the best possible outcome for its customers.

With the world-wide volatility of oil markets remaining an ongoing challenge, oil and gas industry firms must operate at their highest level of efficiency. Company leaders understand that oil and gas production is a critical contributor to the health of world economies. Not only does the global economy rely upon oil and gas for the raw resources but also for the manufacturing of plastics, fabrics, fertilizers and much more.

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