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Tero Consulting Ltd. Welcomes Eagle LNG as Our Newest Client

February 10, 2021

Tero Consulting Ltd., the developer of Azzier CMMS, welcomes Eagle LNG to its roster of valued clients.

Eagle LNG provides affordable, efficient and clean-burning LNG for the marine, power generation, export, rail, and mining markets. With assets located throughout the Caribbean basin, Eagle LNG creates countless jobs, enhances economic growth, as well as increases access to energy, resources, and essential services for their diverse customer base.

Eagle LNG selected Azzier CMMS, based upon strong references within the oil and gas industry. Azzier CMMS enjoys a strong reputation in this industry as the system is extremely flexible, allowing existing workflows to remain in place without disruption. The Azzier maintenance solution can be tailored to most environments, providing a solution with a powerful, intuitive interface. Eagle LNG anticipates a significant reduction in their operating costs through optimizing their preventative maintenance practices, as well as eliminating unplanned downtime for their assets.

Oil and gas industry firms like Eagle LNG are increasingly turning to Tero Azzier CMMS for its ability to promote maintenance excellence — boosting uptime of critical production machinery, lowering repair expenses, as well as increasing safety and compliance. Azzier CMMS helps them avoid equipment failures, which can also result in the loss of customers and a damaged reputation.

With the world-wide volatility of oil markets remaining an ongoing challenge, oil and gas industry firms must operate at their highest level of efficiency. They recognize that oil and gas production remains a critical contributor to the health of world economies. The global economy relies upon oil and gas not only for the raw resources, but for the manufacturing of plastics, fabrics, fertilizers, and so much more. Azzier is a critical support system, helping to promote these goals through best-practices plant maintenance, powered by Azzier CMMS.

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