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EWeb Work Azzier Helps a Government Agency Eliminate Storeroom Theft

Web Work Azzier Helps a Government Agency Eliminate Storeroom Theft

May 17, 2021

When a government agency made headlines because it was losing money due to either theft or mismanagement, leadership approached Tero for help. The agency wanted to clean up the storeroom inventory located at one of its facilities.

Tero experts proposed implementing Web Work Azzier as a best-practices tool to facilitate asset/inventory management and alleviate the shortcomings that were causing the problem. Tero proposed closing the warehouse/storeroom for a month so improvements could be applied. These improvements included:

  • Introducing the utilization of Aisle, Row and Bin locations.
  • Discarding useless items that were not needed.
  • Adding perishable inventory items to Azzier via the LIFO/FIFO feature in Azzier’s Inventory and Storeroom module.

As a result of the inventory clean-up initiative using Azzier, the agency gained a better understanding of how inventory (asset management) works. Moving forward, staff will be able to record and document issues and returns from/to its storeroom.

Furthermore, adding perishable inventory items to Azzier and utilizing the LIFO/FIFO feature in the Inventory and Storeroom module equipped the agency with a new capability. With Azzier, agency personnel would be able to issue and track time-sensitive items, such as batteries. Perhaps most impressively, the project also restricted Purchase Order (PO) generation so that no POs are triggered and transmitted to vendors until all existing storeroom items have been exhausted.

The project conferred accountability for every transaction to field technicians while empowering them to be a contributor to their government’s productivity and operational excellence. These measures were designed to have a lasting impact and make the agency’s storeroom inventory management approach a model of cost-efficiency for the government.

About the Web Work Azzier Inventory Module

The module tracks inventory (and inventory history) with granular detail including last, average and quoted prices, full vendor purchasing details and histories with vendor and manufacturer part numbers, display of part categories and statuses (i.e. on-order or reserve), and issue and return from work orders, assets, locations or personnel.

It also supports the assignment of internal part numbers, part ordering via Min/Max or Economic Order Quantity (EOQ), supply management via LIFO and FIFO, custom reorder points tailored to the inventory, and much more. For more information about Azzier, including other successful projects we have completed,  please call us at (866) 818-8376 or visit

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