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We Look Forward to Meeting Up Safely, Soon


At Tero Consulting, while we always look forward to meeting with new and current customers at industry conferences and large events thoughout the year, we will refrain from attending in-person events the summer of 2020 in an abundance of caution for the health of our staff and our clients. While we are encouraged that some conferences are discussing a return in the fall, in the meantime, our consultants are available to meet virtually at any time.

In further recognition of our responsibility to protect our employees, the community and the wider society, Tero is taking steps to ensure that our staff is safe and ready to serve you. We have reduced the number of personnel working within our facility and allowed others to work from home. As all of our SaaS and consulting services can be provided remotely, please contact with new product or service inquiries, for instance, if you need someone to generate and distribute PMs while you focus on other priorities. If you require support or technical assistance (including remote configurations) with your existing Azzier system, please contact

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