Vancouver Community College renews investment in Azzier

August 23,2022

Vancouver Community College (VCC) has upgraded their maintenance management software to Tero Consulting’s latest version of Azzier CMMS. VCC had considered going to the market for bids, however, with their confidence in Tero Support through the years, familiarity with Web Work processes, and the 3:1 license exchange, it was a “no brainer” moving to Azzier.

The Vancouver Community College, a leading educator in the lower mainland, originally selected Tero as its CMMS provider in 2008. It has been a great relationship that has lasted over 14 years. Tero cannot adequately express our pride and appreciation for their continued support. This renewed investment is a testament to excellent customer support and software development.

When consulted on why VCC decided to stay with Tero and upgrade to Azzier, some of their considerations were:

  • The seamless upgrade path which guaranteed data integrity.
  • The ability to internally configure screens to align with their needs.
  • VCC was impressed with true multitasking – being able to have numerous modules on one screen (split tabs), seeing result set in one place (right control panel) instead of the main screen, while being easier to navigate.
  • Unlike other Vendors (3 in particular), Tero has been proactive in dealing with issues. “We don’t disappear after the project is done, unlike most.”.
  • The migration was not painful, they were surprised that it wasn’t, considering every migration is…painful.

Tero is proud to announce Vancouver Community college renewed investment in “Maintaining the Future” with Azzier.

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