Almost 4 decades of installing, implementing and maintaining Computerized Maintenance Management Systems has demonstrated the benefits in preparing a detailed comprehensive Project Implementation Plan. This phase develops a clear understanding of the client’s goals and objectives and what will be required to achieve them.

The transfer of knowledge will allow your company’s decision makers to develop a clear vision of where they want to be tomorrow and in the years to come. In addition, this will allow your personnel to understand the abilities of Azzier and determine the resources required to complete a successful Azzier implementation.


Items that will be covered in the Project Implementation Plan include but are not limited to:
  • Define overall procedures to complete the Azzier implementation
  • Identify a Business Blueprint to achieve a common understanding of how Azzier will be utilized within your organization
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Identify current asset maintenance workflow at your organization’s
  • Make recommendations for improvements through the Azzier implementation
  • Define features and functions within Azzier that are needed to fully accommodate business practices at your organization
  • Define screens and device compatibilities
  • Define module configurations
  • Define groups and divisions for security and system access
  • Define data transfer & Interfaces to corporate systems
  • Define timelines, milestones and measurable result points (Gantt Chart)
  • Define training requirements
  • Address budgets and finalize cost estimates
  • Develop ongoing blueprint for continued system usage


Upgrading Your Maintenance System


So you’re thinking it’s Time to Upgrade?

In this article we look at the many aspects of upgrading your current maintenance program. Are you prepared for the upgrade? Will you realize benefits from the upgrade? Are your people ready for it?

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