The first step involves Azzier being installed and tested on Tero servers. Both a Test and Production site are developed with the former being used for training purposes. The Production site will only be used for real data and real-time use.


The basic philosophy at Tero regarding training is that education and product understanding are vital for the long-term success of the project. With the client’s resources and needs in mind, Tero develops a detailed training schedule that will graduate end-users and administrators for basic use and internal administration support. These training sessions can also be conducted remotely, if preferred, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Using the Test site, users gain knowledge and understanding of how to use Azzier proficiently when executing standard CMMS functions.

Standard Azzier training is comprised of several different courses as outlined in the Project Implementation Plan. Training is based on the application of Azzier and the competency of the trainees. Typical standard Azzier courses include but are not limited to:

  • Introduction to Azzier and basic features
  • Module overviews
  • Extended module functionality
  • Advanced features within Azzier as applicable to the current implementation
  • Basic reporting
  • Advanced reporting and report creation
  • Basic and advanced administration
  • Security and integration tools
  • Screen development
Tero Training
Tero Training
Tero Training

All users and administrators will take the Introduction to Azzier and basic features courses as well as the module overviews. However, not all trainees are required to attend all courses in order to operate Azzier.

After this phase of training is complete, subsequent training will be assigned based on user roles and responsibilities.

Administrators need to attend:

  • Preliminary administrative training
  • Standard Azzier training with all other users
  • Post-administrative training

Individual training courses can range from two to five days in length and will be held either on-site, at Tero’s offices or through remote meeting. Courses are tailored to each client’s operations and objectives and may vary in length and content.

Training courses for end-users, administrators and/or support personnel will run in conjunction with other phases in order to ensure a complete and thorough understanding of the Azzier system before the “go live” date.