This phase entails the design and configuration of the Azzier system in accordance with the Implementation Project Plan.

As part of its implementation services, Tero personnel assist in the configuration of Azzier. Some of the services performed may include screen development, report development, process review and data transfers. Tero also develops workflows —and aligns and configures Azzier for optimal performance for each device in accordance with the Project Implementation Plan.

A list of key activities is offered below. However, application development for Tero is a far more granular and comprehensive process than this list indicates. For example, during this phase, Tero recommends and provides a path for documenting the phases (i.e. stages or steps) involved during maintenance activities based on proper CMMS industry standards.

Inventory Module Process
Item/Material Requisition Process

Included in this phase are the following:

Screen development: From creating screens to support portable devices to customizing screens (e.g. mandatory; support barcoding, etc.), Tero initiates the development and/or configuration of the affected screens in Azzier.

Screen Development 1
Screen Development 2
Screen Development 3

Report development: Tero writes the reports based on customer requirements as indicated in the Implementation Plan to develop report specifications and then tests them based on client needs.

KPI definition: Build and organize Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for benchmarking, metrics extraction and more.

KPI Defintion

Workflow design: Develop the flow of work through the Azzier system, ensuring it will be efficient and trouble-free.

Example: Tab Index assignment, assigning mandatory fields
Workflow Design
Workflow Design

Security integration/development: Works with the customer’s IT department to ensure security requirements are met, from LDAP to Azure Active Directory and more.

Security Integration

Design email notification: Due to its flexibility and robustness, the email notification features in Azzier will be configured by Tero to facilitate effective communication within your organization.

Print form: Allows for the customer-specific enhancements of printouts

Implement barcoding: Implementation of bar codes within work orders and inventory to streamline workflows and eliminate human error.

Performance testing: Develop and run tests to determine how the system will perform, in terms of responsiveness and stability, under a customary workload.

Quality assurance testing: Develop and run tests to ensures Azzier delivers at the highest possible quality.

With any new development or configuration for Azzier, a stringent quality assurance process is followed, and documentation is created, to ensure that migrations to future updates are seamless for the customer. Programming and alpha-testing are generally done at Tero headquarters. System design and development can be done on-site or at Tero.