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Major Crude Oil Transporter Implements Azzier by Tero to Boost Maintenance Management Efficiency; Reduce Costs

June 22, 2021

The effort was so successful that the firm expanded its deployment to a newly acquired firm

When leadership at a major crude oil transporter decided to implement a best practices computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to enjoy the reduced downtime and expenses and increased efficiency the CMMS system would provide, the firm selected Azzier by Tero. After mapping out what the new system would entail, the Tero team planned a three-month implementation.

Enhancing the Effort, Increases Efficiency

During the project, the transporter’s management realized they would benefit from a full-time (month-long) Tero resource to guide them through the implementation and ensure the best possible outcome. In addition to the Tero Project Lead already working on the effort, Tero assigned a dedicated Consultant/Project Manager (PM) from its Professional Services division to manage this task.

The Tero Consultant/PM then developed a plan to execute precise mapping and cross-referencing of documents with the appropriate records in the Azzier Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Asset (Equipment) module databases. To ensure efficiency and promote further effectiveness they also facilitated and oversaw numerous efforts pivotal to the project’s success:

  • Assisted the client with formulation and development of PM generation business rules.
  • Streamlined the interaction between Tero and the client to promote successful implementation of customizations as well as screen development and data migration.
  • Helped the client achieve best-practices through data cleansing and reconciliation.

Having a dedicated consultant during the critical phased of the implementation project also greatly mitigated the logistical challenges of scheduling training and consultation. The outcome of deploying the added research was an unqualified success. The project fully achieved the client’s maintenance management vision.

A Satisfied Azzier Client Expands Its Effort

Subsequent to the crude oil transporter’s successful Azzier implementation, organizational leadership purchased another crude oil transport company that had been using the legacy enterprise asset management (EAM) platform, Maximo. Even though the newly acquired transportation firm was in the process of implementing Azzier, employees at an important location were accustomed to using Maximo.

Leadership at the transporter wanted to ensure it continued with a ubiquitous solution leveraging Azzier, their maintenance management platform of choice. To achieve this vision the company could have requested that the Maximo features and functionalities be recreated through an Azzier customization. However, this option would not have been an efficient use of money and resources. The most sensible path forward was to migrate workers at the acquisition from Maximo to Azzier.

A Solution Moves Forward

Tero’s Project Managers worked closely with the new group to help them implement maintenance management best practices. This would enable the team to achieve important goals for the new acquisition.

  • Replace outdated, redundant practices that were not feasible in Azzier.
  • Extend Azzier’s efficiency bonus and cost savings to this group as well.

By working resourcefully, the Tero Professional Services team implemented the changes. Even with numerous configurations and customizations, the team was also able to cut costs significantly. Furthermore, the efficiency of the effort enabled staff at the acquired firm to go live with Azzier within 5 to 6 months. This cut deployment time in half compared to the initial expectation of one year.

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