Azzier iOS Mobile App Brings Time-Savings and Productivity to the Plant Floor


To help our clients squeeze every ounce of productivity out of their maintenance management functions, Tero offers an Apple iOS app that integrates with our Azzier CMMS Software. Azzier is already the most advanced CMMS software system available; now it puts that power in the palm of users’ hands.


Mobile devices are one of the biggest productivity boosters in facility operations, with some 70% of manufacturers viewing mobile devices as the key to converting downtime in production.


The Azzier iOS Mobile App

Purpose-built to provide practical mobile support for plant workers and their management, the Azzier iOS app is designed to be user-friendly upon installation. There are no fancy features to master; no complicated interface to navigate. All functions drive better intelligence and reporting immediately.

Our native iOS app facilitates management of maintenance workflows, from work order initiation to task wrap-up. Interacting seamlessly with Azzier Enterprise, it allows workers to bring up work orders, review the tasks to be completed, add time and materials, and finally close the work order and add completion remarks. Elapsed time to complete the work order can also be tracked via the app’s timer, which records and timestamps it with the date each was performed.


Operational Benefits of the Azzier iOS Mobile App
  • Increase Overall Productivity
  • Promote Cost Reduction with Increased Efficiency
  • Gain Faster Access to Critical Information
  • Boost Maintenance ROI
  • Foster a Competitive Edge


Mobile devices can save manufacturers a daily average of 42 minutes per employee. Furthermore, mobility is the top technological priority of manufacturing executives.


In essence, rather than having to keep written records or return repeatedly to a stationary workstation throughout the day, workers can perform tasks on the go. With today’s workforce already accustomed to mobility in their personal lives, adoption becomes effortless.

Although Tero Azzier has been on the forefront of mobile technology to foster excellence in manufacturing maintenance, we have listened to our clients’ requests for more mobile options. To explore what the Azzier iOS Mobile App can do for your firm, request a no-obligation discussion at 1-866-818-8376.


Azzier iOS Mobile App