All aspects of work to be performed are entered on the work order record – including tasks, labor, and materials needed. Automatic notifications can be sent to all parties involved in the work. Material reservations are automatically routed to inventory or purchasing to ensure their availability.


PM schedules can be created by time period and/or meter readings with fixed or moving schedules. Nested PM’s allow the user to set up multiple PMs with multiple procedures.


The Route Reading module allows Azzier users to record readings such as temperature, wear and/or vibration in one convenient location. These reading can be imported automatically and can facilitate predictive or preventative maintenance.


Work Requests are similar to a customer service center. Requesters can submit work requests in an easy to use format, while email notifications keep them informed on the progress of their requests.


Item Requisitions are a compliment to the normal flow from the work order to inventory and purchasing. This module allows users to request items that would normally not be submitted through the work order process. An example of this would be requests for personnel uniforms and tools.

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