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California National Guard

February 6, 2019
California National Guard Justifies Budgets with Azzier

It’s a numbers Game. California National Guard demonstrates the need for funding and manpower through Azzier.


As the largest National Guard force in the U.S., the California National Guard (CANG) is as diverse in operation as it is spread out across the state. The CANG has implemented Azzier CMMS across its locations, each with unique maintenance activities and inventory requirements. However, there are commonalities such as the constant need for additional manpower and funding.

When implementing the Azzier CMMS maintenance function, the CANG required each camp to have unique screens and specific features. Azzier, with its screen design feature, allows for this with no limitations on screen design and functionality and no need to purchase additional software or “modules”. All data is maintained in a single repository/database and can be reported in consolidated or separate formats. This gives the guard holistic or granular data on operations across the state.

Prior to Azzier, the CANG was running maintenance operations on paper with little or no reporting, tracking, and accountability. The implementation of Azzier created immeasurable efficiencies and most importantly a recording and tracking tool giving the guard much needed data to make important decisions about funding and manpower.

CANG’s largest base, Camp Roberts, was using inventoried items in the daily operations with no formal tracking or purchasing procedures. Most items were purchased as deemed necessary or on “Spot Buys”. This methodology was not very efficient and proved to be costly. The guard turned to Azzier and the extensive inventory features it employs.


The inventory management goal was:
  1. to allow for a formal stocking system
  2. to provide for non-stock items
  3. track all inventory purchases and item usage
  4. allow for making spot buys and still be tracked


Before Camp Roberts could start using Azzier, they had to cleanse the current inventory, provide accurate on-hand counts and item details as well as set proper min/max purchasing points based on several factors. After more than a month of hard work, the Azzier system was loaded with item data, the storerooms were organized, and personnel trained in the system usage.

Once employed, the personnel at Camp Roberts were encouraged to accurately record labour & inventory usage on each work order as well as accurately record ALL items that were not used or “returned”. In doing this, the guard quickly realized how much funding was needed and whether it was for manpower and/or materials. They could easily run historical reports to quickly and accurately determine the need for the future.

By submitting these accurate and accountable reports to higher levels, funding was much more easily approved than it had been historically.

The other locations at CANG, seeing the tremendous benefits created at the Camp Roberts location, quickly adopted their methodology. Today, the entire California National Guard is benefiting financially and physically with the use of Azzier.


About California National Guard


The California National Guard is a federally funded California military force, part of the National Guard of the United States. It is the largest national guard force in the United States with a total authorized strength of 22,900 soldiers and airmen.

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