More Than 40 Years Implementing Maintenance Solutions

In 1979, Tero developed it’s first Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for the mining industry. Over the decades, the tools and technology have changed significantly, but our core ideals of excellent service, uncompromising support and complete client satisfaction have remained. The Professional Services Group at Tero includes qualified CMMS Project Managers. Our Project Managers come with years of experience and can develop detailed plans, in consultation with your maintenance and operations staff, to ensure a smooth CMMS implementation. Our team draws on years of experience to ensure that your CMMS system fully meets your short, mid and long-term goals.


Project Implementation Plan

Almost 4 decades of installing, implementing and maintaining Computerized Maintenance Management Systems has demonstrated the benefits in preparing a detailed comprehensive Project Implementation Plan. This phase develops a clear understanding of the client’s goals and objectives and what will be required to achieve them.
The transfer of knowledge will allow your company’s decision makers to develop a clear vision of where they want to be tomorrow and in the years to come. In addition, this will allow your personnel to understand the abilities of Azzier and determine the resources required to complete a successful Azzier implementation.

Items that will be covered in the Project Implementation Plan include but are not limited to:
  • Define overall procedures to complete the Azzier implementation
  • Identify a Business Blueprint to achieve a common understanding of how Azzier will be utilized within your organization
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Identify current asset maintenance workflow at your organization’s
  • Make recommendations for improvements through the Azzier implementation
  • Define features and functions within Azzier that are needed to fully accommodate business practices at your organization
  • Define screens and device compatibilities
  • Define module configurations
  • Define groups and divisions for security and system access
  • Define data transfer & Interfaces to corporate systems
  • Define timelines, milestones and measurable result points (Gantt Chart)
  • Define training requirements
  • Address budgets and finalize cost estimates
  • Develop ongoing blueprint for continued system usage

Upgrading Your Maintenance System

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Application Design

As part of its implementation services, Tero personnel will assist in the configuration of Azzier. Some of the services performed may include screen development, report development, process review and data transfers. In accordance with the Project Implementation Plan, Tero will develop workflows and align and configure Azzier for optimal performance on each device.
The Project Implementation Plan will detail the steps involved in this phase in order to meet your organization’s objectives for the project. Included in this phase are the following:
  • Screen Development
  • Report Development
  • KPI Definition
  • Workflow design
  • Security integration/development
  • Data mapping design
  • Interface Discovery
  • Data migration planning
  • Performance testing
  • Quality assurance testing


Installation Training

The first step involves installing and testing on Tero servers. Both a Test and Production site will be developed where the former is used for training purposes. The Production site will only be used for real data and real-time use.
The basic philosophy at Tero regarding training is that education and product understanding are vital for the long term success of the project. With the client’s resources and needs in mind, Tero will develop a detailed training schedule that will graduate end users and administrators for basic use and internal administration support. Using the Test site, users will gain the knowledge and understanding of how to use Azzier proficiently when executing standard CMMS functions.

Typical standard Azzier courses include but are not limited to:
  • Introduction to Azzier and basic features
  • Module overviews
  • Extended module functionality
  • Advanced features within Azzier as applicable to current implementation
  • Basic reporting
  • Advanced reporting and report creation
  • Basic and advanced administration
  • Security and integration tools
  • Screen development

Fast ROI and Hard Savings

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Application "Delivery" & Installation

Upon completion of all system configuration, development, and data transfer testing, the Azzier system moves from the test environment to the production environment for final testing prior to going “live”.
All additional custom development, interface templates, and any additional modules are also installed and tested at this time. The client has the option of having Tero personnel on site to ensure the smoothest go live day possible.

The system installation phase should be a multiple phased approach and will include:
  • Final data transfer
  • Install, test and commission production system in cloud
  • Install, test and commission any interfaces
  • Initiate Go Live


Ongoing System Improvement and Support

The Project The Project Implementation Plan outlines the initial project. As new features are added and your team begins to work with the software, you have the option to make changes and additions. The above phased approach is a high level view. Through our experience, we have found that projects generally encompass many smaller phases over a longer period of time.

Our goal is to work with our partners over the long term to make on-going improvement.

Included in the Annual Software Maintenance and Support Agreement are services for:
  • Telephone technical assistance (toll free number)
  • Azzier version upgrades (at no cost)
  • Database support

Importance of Asset Maintenance

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According to a leading advisory company, as many as 80% of CMMS implementations are not successful. We’ve been delivering success for over 40 years!


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