Tero has the experience and flexibility to accommodate training solutions to ensure proficiency and knowledge in Azzier. Experienced Project Managers coordinate training dates and other logistics with the client. Two training methods are provided:

  • Customer Onsite Solution
  • Online Training Solution

Detailed training, which can be conducted onsite or remotely, will ensure a successful implementation of the Azzier software. As part of the coordination, Tero will develop a proper training curriculum that is tailored for the client. Customized topics may depend on the various roles and responsibilities of each user in an organization.

From end-user to administrator, Tero trainers present the system from the user perspective and clearly demonstrate not only how to utilize the system but the benefits that are obtainable when Azzier is properly implemented and operated.

Tero Training
Tero Training
Tero Training

When the training dates and times are finalized, the Project Manager will then coordinate internally with the Tero Development and IT Departments to prepare both Test (Demo) and Production environments. Both databases will:

  • Use the latest version (build) of Azzier
  • Contain all the approved screen development elements from the previous phase
  • Include additional workflow designs, business rules, configuration and any additional customizations (if applicable)
  • Include the final data from the client. Historically, a final data transfer will be done shortly before “Go Live” to avoid stale data being used in the Azzier production database
  • Be fully installed and tested on Tero servers in preparation for training and full deployment

A typical training plan involves:

  • Initial user and or requester training
  • Daily operations and management organization
  • Initial set-up and implementation
  • Procedure and preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Detailed work, project and contractor management
  • Detailed asset and/or location set-up
  • Item request and asset parts management
  • Inventory and storeroom organization
  • Labor and time reporting
  • Reporting and data analysis
  • System interfacing and data integration
  • System administration and maintenance

Training courses are arranged according to the client’s needs and timelines.

“On behalf of everyone involved in the training last week, including myself, I wish to extend our heartfelt thank you and appreciation for your effort and commitment.

Your blend of strong Azzier software knowledge and comfortable training style allowed all of us to learn without awkwardness and set the stage for confidence to build.”

Thank you and Best Regards,
Ken Smith, Tundra Energy Marketing Limited