System Tools Transform Data Value; Expand Functionality


Interface Module

The Azzier Interface Module enables full data exchange to and from all tables within the Azzier CMMS database. With it, users can create, maintain and manage other Azzier interfaces for a variety of activities. For example, the module might be used to export timecard information to payroll programs or to interface with timecard scanners for import of daily or weekly labor hours.

This functionality not only provides convenience, over time it can result in considerable savings. With the Interface Module, Azzier clients eliminate the need for a developer to effect basic interface updates and changes.

Typical interfaces can be two-way integrations to finance software like SAP and JDE, data collection from asset monitoring sensors, advanced analytics packages like Power BI, or health and safety packages. The services-oriented architecture of Azzier makes integration to most modern software packages easily accomplished.


Print Form Designer

Azzier’s Print Form Designer enriches form capabilities with a clean, easy-to-use, web-based design interface. From work orders to purchase orders and beyond, team members can design their own forms from scratch or by using one of the many templates provided within the system. In virtually all industrial environments, printed forms remain useful for many situations.


Screen Design Module

The Screen Design Module equips organizations to develop custom screens to serve specific needs and system users, supporting a personalized experience across all networks and devices. Screens can be tailored to very exacting requirements such as by group or department and by user and device. The module also enables modification of existing Azzier screens without outside assistance.