The Azzier Administration Module allows the system administrators to manage user privileges and core functionality through an easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) where all security and programming configuration may be accomplished. Establishing individual user security and system access is easily accomplished without having to write complex scripts or having any database programming experience.


All system defaults are established in the Administration Module.  Each module in Azzier will have various defaults that are set in the Administration Module such as pre-approving PM work orders upon generation.


The Azzier Interface Module allows for full data exchange to and from all tables in the Azzier CMMS database. The Interface module enables users to create, maintain and manage interfaces with no requirement for programming code. The entire function is accomplished from the Azzier GUI. This module virtually eliminates the need to re-engage the developer every time you need to change an interface thereby providing substantial cost savings.


As an example, this optional module can be used to export timecard information to payroll programs or alternatively interfaced to timecard scanners for importing of daily or weekly labor hours.


The Screen Design Module in Azzier allows organizations to develop custom screens to meet the needs of each user or group and personalize the experience across all networks and devices. By developing or customizing screens, the Azzier CMMS is tailored to your exact requirements.


Screens may be deployed to groups or departments, by user and device.


Azzier is a “Response Aware Software”; Azzier matches the screens to the user’s devices and maximize ease of use.  As an example: John uses a desktop PC with a large wide screen and a mobile device in the field to deploy manpower or perform hands on repair work. His Azzier system may have two customized screens that respond accordingly to match the device he is using at the time. The Azzier program recognizes John and the device John is currently using and delivers the appropriate screen.


Accessed through your web browser, the Report Builder provides a simple framework in which complex report design and management can be performed.


Developing detailed analysis reports to enable forecasting and asset efficiency trends is easily accomplished through the Azzier report builder.

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