Inventory and Purchasing: Tracking Your Supply Economics


Inventory & Storeroom Module

Inventory presents a challenge to facility management everywhere, from demand volatility to challenges tracking stock levels and more. The Azzier Inventory Module minimizes the impact of these challenges, expediting inventory management across limitless storerooms in multiple locations. Inventory items can have unlimited specification/data sheets attached to them, allowing the user to further define or describe inventory.

The module tracks inventory (and inventory history) with granular detail including last, average and quoted prices, full vendor purchasing details and histories with vendor and manufacturer part numbers, display of part categories and statuses (i.e. on-order or reserve), and issue and return from work orders, assets, locations or personnel.

It also supports the assignment of internal part numbers, part ordering via Min/Max or Economic Order Quantity (EOQ), supply management via LIFO and FIFO, custom reorder points tailored to the inventory and more. Inventory locators are easily accessible, and the Azzier system’s “Where Used” function informs users where/how inventory items were consumed. These enhanced features streamline inventory counts and part requisitions like no other system on the market.


Purchasing Module

The Purchasing Module offers powerful functionality with a user-friendly design to enhance visibility and flexibility for purchasing agents. Agents can easily access vendor web sites to compare prices, check availability and send orders via email and then ship purchases to a site or a holding area for pickup, with full audit trails for shipping documents. Items requested by users or added to a Work Order (items or services) can also be added to the purchase order with ease. Support and tracking of purchases include inventory replenishment, work orders or projects, including the processing of spare parts inventory straight to the Work Order or Inventory Modules.


Receiving Module

With the Azzier Purchasing Module, items purchased may be received by line, in part, or in full. All associated information from Inventory and Purchasing is available directly from the Receiving Module to ensure accuracy and eliminate mistakes. Items may be received into a storeroom directly or issued to a work order or employee and held in a staging area for pick-up. Recording to boost tracking, accuracy and accountability includes the recording of all packing documents, price adjustments, quantities received and invoice totals.


Requisition Module

The Requisition Module allows users to request items not normally submitted through the work order process, such as requests for personal tools or uniforms. Requested items can be tracked as personal property or consumables. Supplementing the conventional flow from work order to inventory and purchasing, the Requisition Module can group requests and transfer them to purchase orders for Azzier’s Purchasing and Receiving modules to track.


Invoice Matching

The Invoice Matching Module allows users to quickly match invoices to purchase orders and receipts. Invoice matching helps ensure accurate vendor payments and correct accounting while helping to detect potentially fraudulent invoices. This module eliminates tedious and time-consuming cross-referencing when done manually or with the help of spreadsheets and other tools. With Azzier’s Invoice Matching Module companies never pay for items that were not ordered or received.


Vendor Module

Working as a valuable companion to the Inventory Module, the Vendor Module allows users to store and maintain vendor information including tax rates, contract numbers, parent company and payment terms. Azzier tracks and retrieves all information related to each vendor, including entire inventory and non-inventory items, services and contact information. If the vendor is part of a supply chain, all other branches will be displayed.