Asset Control and Visibility: Management that Pays for Itself


Equipment (Asset) Module

From buildings to roads or manufacturing equipment to fleet vehicles, the Equipment Module provides a means to track pertinent data associated with assets or asset types. Supporting unlimited, detailed specifications, e.g. vendor/manufacturer, technical specifications, and warranty details, it also supports associations such as hierarchical parent-child relationships.

This granularity enables clients to define locations with varied precision, depending on the asset’s operating range. A “location” can range from a country, province/state, or city, to a closet or even a shelf. Once the parameters are established, the Equipment Module tracks, reports on and stores records of costs, downtime, repair histories, replacements, movements and more. It also can provide on-demand review of related work order schedules, and generate parts lists for spares.

More than just a tracking and reporting tool, the Equipment Module supports linking to documents, websites, and other resources as well as duplication and modification of similar assets for ease of data entry. It can even manage, record and create new routes for regular reading intervals of meter-based assets.


Labor Module

Facility management recognizes that your staff is a core driver of efficiency and productivity, yet management may be challenged to accurately track it. The Azzier Labor Module alleviates these issues, collecting and aggregating data on all employees, non-employees and/or contractors that will used or be referenced in Azzier. The Labor Module maintains a complete profile on each team member, including hire date, manager, hourly rate, as well as training and skill set. The database can also include information such as trade credentials, educational background, certifications, and more. This allows Planners and Schedulers to easily identify and assign the correct resource to a work order or task.


Location Module

The Azzier definition of a ‘location’ varies depending on client needs.  It can be as broad as a geographical location (i.e. country, province/state, or city) or as definitive as a room. Azzier also tracks the parent-child relationship of all locations – regardless of size – to facilitate reporting and streamline searches.

Users can define a location with an unlimited amount of searchable information, and location-based assets can be tracked from location to location, with the asset’s entire location history recorded throughout the lifecycle of the asset. Once location exists in the system, Azzier allows a work order or preventive maintenance schedule to be created and associated with it, regardless of whether an asset is present.