Azzier allows for detailed asset information and tracking. From buildings to roads or manufacturing equipment to fleet vehicles, the Equipment Module provides a means to track pertinent data associated with each asset or asset type. Unlimited specifications allow users to define assets in an extremely detailed manner including vendor/manufacturer, technical specifications, and warranty details.


The Azzier definition of a ‘location’ varies depending on client needs.  It can be as broad as a geographical location (i.e. country, province/state, or city) or as definitive as a room.


Azzier tracks the parent child relationship of your locations to facilitate reporting and ease of search.


Establishing a detailed library of procedures means that tasks to be performed and the associated costs are always known.


The Procedure Module allows users to track all tasks, labor, materials, services and tools that are required to complete a job. Complete job plans can then be added to work orders or PM schedules to reduce data entry. All job plans are easily maintained in Azzier’s procedure library.

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